Comprehensive Wealth Management

Our comprehensive wealth management service encompasses investment management as well as providing financial planning/financial consulting to clients.  It is designed to assist clients in pursuing their financial goals through the use of financial investments.  We conduct at least one, but sometimes more than one meeting (in person if possible, otherwise via online meeting or via telephone) with clients in order to understand their current financial situation, existing resources, financial goals, and tolerance for risk.  Based on what we learn, we propose an investment approach to the client.  We may propose an investment portfolio, consisting of exchange traded funds (“ETFs”), mutual funds, individual stocks or bonds, or other securities.  Upon the client’s agreement to the proposed investment plan, we work with the client to establish or transfer investment accounts so that we can manage the client’s portfolio.  Once the relevant accounts are under our management, we review such accounts on a regular basis, generally quarterly.  However, certain accounts may be reviewed more or less frequently.  We may periodically rebalance or adjust client accounts under our management.  If the client experiences any significant changes to his/her financial or personal circumstances, the client must notify us so that we can consider such information in managing the client’s investments.