Comprehensive Portfolio Management

Our comprehensive portfolio management service encompasses asset management as well as providing financial planning/financial consulting to clients.  It is designed to assist clients in pursuing their financial goals through the use of financial investments.  We conduct at least one, but sometimes more than one meeting (in person if possible, otherwise via telephone conference) with clients in order to understand their current financial situation, existing resources, financial goals, and tolerance for risk.  Based on what we learn, we propose an investment approach to the client.  We may propose an investment portfolio, consisting of exchange traded funds (“ETFs”), mutual funds, individual stocks or bonds, or other securities.  Upon the client’s agreement to the proposed investment plan, we work with the client to establish or transfer investment accounts so that we can manage the client’s portfolio.  Once the relevant accounts are under our management, we review such accounts on a regular basis, generally quarterly.  However, certain accounts may be reviewed more or less frequently.  We may periodically rebalance or adjust client accounts under our management.  If the client experiences any significant changes to his/her financial or personal circumstances, the client must notify us so that we can consider such information in managing the client’s investments.

Asset Management

We emphasize continuous and regular account supervision.  As part of our asset management service, we generally create a portfolio, consisting of individual stocks or bonds, ETFs, options, mutual funds and other public investments.  The client’s individual investment strategy is tailored to their specific needs and may include some or all of the previously mentioned securities.  Each portfolio will be initially designed to pursue a particular investment goal, which we determine to be suitable to the client’s circumstances and risk tolerance.  Once the appropriate portfolio has been determined, we generally review the portfolio on a quarterly basis.  Certain accounts may be reviewed more or less frequently.  If necessary, we rebalance the portfolio based upon the client’s individual needs, stated goals and objectives. 

Retirement Plan Consulting

We provide retirement consulting services to employer plan sponsors on a one-time or ongoing basis.  Generally, such retirement consulting services consist of assisting employer plan sponsors in establishing, monitoring and reviewing their company's participant-directed retirement plan.  As the needs of the plan sponsor dictate, areas of advising could include: investment options, plan structure and participant education.

All retirement consulting services shall be in compliance with the applicable state law(s) regulating retirement consulting services.  This applies to client accounts that are retirement or other employee benefit plans (“Plan”) governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended (“ERISA”).  If the client accounts are part of a Plan, and we accept appointments to provide our services to such accounts, we acknowledge that we are co-fiduciary within the meaning of Section 3(21) of ERISA (but only with respect to the provision of services described in section 1 of the Retirement Consulting Agreement).

Advice Only Financial Planning and Consulting

We provide a variety of financial planning and consulting services to individuals, families and other clients regarding the management of their financial resources based upon an analysis of client’s current situation, goals, and objectives.  Generally, such financial planning services will involve preparing a financial plan or rendering a financial consultation for clients based on the client’s financial goals and objectives.  This planning or consulting may encompass one or more of the following areas: Investment Planning, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Charitable Planning, Education Planning, Corporate and Personal Tax Planning, Real Estate Analysis, Mortgage/Debt Analysis, Insurance Analysis, Lines of Credit Evaluation, Business and Personal Financial Planning.

Our written financial plans or financial consultations rendered to clients usually include general recommendations for a course of activity or specific actions to be taken by the clients.  For example, recommendations may be made that the clients begin or revise investment programs, create or revise wills or trusts, obtain or revise insurance coverage, commence or alter retirement savings, or establish education or charitable giving programs.  It should also be noted that we refer clients to an accountant, attorney or other specialist, as necessary for non-investment management related services.  For written financial planning engagements, we provide our clients with a written summary of their financial situation, observations, and recommendations.  For financial consulting engagements, we usually do not provide our clients with a written summary of our observations and recommendations as the process is less formal than our planning service.  Plans or consultations are typically completed within six (6) months of the client signing an agreement with us, assuming that all the information and documents we request from the client are provided to us promptly.  Implementation of the recommendations will be at the discretion of the client.