Flynn Zito Capital Management is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its operations and activities. The firm has pledged to promote efficient use of energy and natural resources through cost-effective and high-impact energy management in our office. Flynn Zito is utilizing a water filtration system and reusable water bottles in order to decrease our dependency on plastic and single-use items. We also continuously update our sustainability policy to review and minimize the impact of firm activities on the environment. As part of our stance against deforestation, we have trees planted to honor our clients who have passed away. Years ago, we converted to 100% digital secure storage. We send and receive documents digitally to reduce our reliance on paper. In addition, Flynn Zito has been partners with the New York Adopt A Highway® Program since 2013. Adopting a portion of the Northern State Parkway has allowed us to give back to our community in the form of beautifying the highway and minimizing the dangerous effects of litter.