Unique Fund Raising Ideas

Derrick Stubblefield |

Starting a fund-raiser is one of the most effective ways for getting involved in the fight against breast cancer. Take your initiative to new heights with these unique fund raising ideas.

A leap of faith Skydiving for a cause, anyone? Events like Texas-based Jump for the Rose help raise money for breast cancer awareness by way of skydiving. If this adventurous activity has always been on your bucket list but you’ve never had a reason to give it a whirl, now is your chance—all while supporting a good cause.

Who knows it all?

Hosting a trivia night is a great way to have fun while raising money for breast cancer. You can add a theme to the mix—like trivia surrounding a specific movie franchise or sports category—or keep the topics more general. Either way, people are sure to donate money, even more so if there are prizes involved!

Go local

Take advantage of the restaurants, boutiques, and other family-owned shops in your area and partner with them to help raise money for breast cancer awareness. Many local businesses will be happy to support the cause, and getting the whole town involved is an added bonus. Be sure to ask a few weeks in advance to give people enough time to prepare.

Pink-ies up

Invite your gal pals over for a pink tea party—complete with finger sandwiches, a pink-only dress code, and drinks that fit the theme. You can partner with a local venue and charge admission, and continue raising money during the event with activities like raffles and silent auctions. Combine socializing with raising awareness with this fund-raiser.

No matter how you choose to fund-raise for breast cancer awareness, be sure to include plenty of information at your event about the cause. Don’t forget to include reminder cards so people are reminded to self-check each month!


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