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Our Firm

Experience a Higher Standard of Excellence

If you need guidance on investments and financial planning set your sights high. Experience a higher standard of excellence in wealth management by contacting Doug and Rich today.  Then experience the feeling of knowing you have a qualified, dedicated plan designed by a team of professionals who are by your side to help reach your goals.

Always Available to Address Your Needs

Oftentimes people are too busy to worry about their financial future. That's where Doug and Rich come in, and excel.  No matter what the circumstances, it is crucial to examine and reassess your financial planning strategy. This team of experts, backed by more than 40 years of combined experience, is there for you - offering maximum accessibility and personal service. That's one distinct advantage of working with a team - in lieu of an individual financial planner or getting lost in a huge firm.

A Sense of Confidence Is Priceless

Their goal is to deliver feelings of security and stability when it comes to finances, so clients can get out and continue to enjoy life without worry. "We are the solution for people who need someone to turn to and trust to get the job done for them, while making the investment management process as enjoyable as possible," they agree.  Backed up by prompt, courteous service and a genuine interest in their clients' lives, Doug and Rich consistently deliver high-quality advice to their clients.

How We Work

The prospect of building wealth through successful investing has never held more appeal.  But like any market, with increased demand for financial products has come increased supply.  Investors are faced with what can be daunting choices.

Our office was established to provide ongoing professional advice to investors while helping them meet their individual investment objectives.  We are able to do this by offering truly objective financial advice on a fee basis.  This method of compensation allows us to adjust your investment portfolio without requiring you to pay commissions.*

Working on a fee basis allows us to:

  • Customize an investment portfolio that is designed to help you realize your short- and long-term investment goals.
  • Provide simplified performance reporting, making it easy for you to monitor your account.
  • Support you with ongoing professional advice, timely information about your account and updates on the world’s financial markets.
  • Manage your portfolio and make investment changes without commissions* as your objectives or the economic climate changes.
  • If you would like any further information about fee-based asset management or other areas of investing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

* Nominal transaction charges may apply.

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