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Rebalance your 401(k) now! Doug Flynn, CFP tells you why on Real Money w/ Ali Velshi

The big issue is making sure your investments are working for you in a way that meets your long-term retirement goals. If you haven't checked your account in the last few months, chances are you may need to rebalance some of your holdings. Doug Flynn, CFP, and co-founder of Flynn Zito Capital Management, joins Ali Velshi to tell you more about why now, on Real Money.

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Flynn Zito Capital Management, LLC

Many people know Doug Flynn and Rich Zito as one of the most well-respected investment management partnerships.  They might also know Doug from his regular TV appearances on various financial programs.  And anyone who has ever worked with Rich knows him as a determined, committed professional who constantly goes above and beyond to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

One thing's for sure: people who know Doug and Rich know they are two of the hardest-working professionals around - and that's enough for them.  They've earned a reputation that reflects the high standards they have for themselves, their families and the people they serve.  They are compassionate, caring wealth preservation specialists who help clients meet their individual investment objectives by offering truly objective financial advice. Click here to learn more about our firm...

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